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Shamir Rajadurai has a Masters of Criminal Justice from University Malaya (UM) and is also a Certified CPTED Practitioner from Florida Atlantic Univeristy (FAU).

Shamir has experience in conducting various forms of workshops which focuses on empowerment, practical self defense and personal safety. He holds a 2nd DAN (Degree) Taekwondo Black Belt, is a 3 time Gold Medalist for sparring, and has practiced Aikido, Boxing and KickBoxing.

He is a crime safety specialist that focuses on simple and effective crime prevention methods to help reduce the risk of you and your loved one from becoming victims. Shamir strongly believes in and strives towards giving people the ability to protect what they value most – themselves and their loved ones. His philosophy is that not everyone will be mentally and physically prepared to face an unexpected confrontation. Shamir co-founded Breakaway – one of the most talked about practical safety and crime prevention programmes in Malaysia.

Shamir is the Co-Producer of the crime prevention online mini series “kuasa wanita di sini” which has Millions of views. Shamir has also been featured in various TV and Radio talk shows, Newspapers and magazines. .

Shamir’s goal is to educate the public on practical ways of crime prevention and mentally prepare them for unwarranted confrontations . His methods are designed for individuals of any size, gender and physique. The main idea is to prevent crime to protect ourselves and our loved ones without getting hurt in the process

Shamir often provides consultations for various companies, individual groups and organizations on how they can improve safety for themselves, their families and their staff. He designs ways on how they can minimize risks by providing personalized consultations to suit the needs of his clientele. Backed with a good amount of experience, Shamir advices companies on methods of crime prevention so as not to be targeted by demonstrating how criminals operate. He advises them on imminent security risks and how they may work to reduce it.

His passion takes him further in his business career where he now contributes and play a key role in helping a technology company in inventing alternative systems that integrates senses, security and safety which potentially can minimise environment threats or danger.

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