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In reality, we face crime threats everyday. It can happen to anyone, any place and at any time. Knowing the fundamental way how to avoid it is a MUST. It requires no hard work and NO martial art practice.

With today’s crime rate rising, Practical Crime Prevention is regarded as an important aspect of life. You will be guided on how to effectively ‘Breakaway’ from the attacker, the reality of crime will be highlight for your better understanding and to assist in reducing the risk of victimization.  Our main principle is, not to inflict injury but rather to be able to escape when you are in threat of crime, safely.

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Practical self-defense is an important aspect for everyone, of any age. One can never know when your child is at threat or he or she can save another person’s child when it happens near you.

It is of our concern to fine tune ways and continuously teach children to protect and safely prevent themselves from being harmed when at threat. Perceived as young helpless individual, children can be a victim of bullies, kidnappers or even crime victims of adults. With our enhanced techniques for children, they now can be thought to have the very basic skills on how they can stay safe at times of threat, without the need to learn martial arts!

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It is always a priceless move of any family or organisations to take extra precaution and measures to care for their members of their family and love ones on a personal level. Many organizations come forward to hire Shamir to ensure proper precaution has been implemented to ensure the safety of their staff.

Many families on a personal basis have hired Shamir to coach the family members on private arrangement, on crime safety aspects so each and everyone know what to do and not do, when it comes to crime threatening situation, and safety measures in the house.

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Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) is a multi-disciplinary approach to deterring criminal behavior through environmental design.

CPTED is best described as ‘building an entire urban neighbourhood where each contributes an amount of opportunity for “eyes on the street” for one another.

Shamir welcomes collaborations with urban developers that share the same mission like his to provide safe enviroment of living and built future safe neighbourhoods.

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Shamir has appeared on numerous public and private talks on speaker’s engagements with thousands of audiences in private colleges, universities, events and conferences of organisations around Malaysia.

He continues to dedicate time and effort to speak about Crime Prevention and Safety Environment subject matters and how simple an individual can avoid threat, prevent further harmful incidences and safeguard their love ones.

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