Prevent Crime Now


Shamir is a crime prevention specialist who focuses on simple and effective crime prevention methods that reduce the risk of you and your loved ones from becoming victims.

Shamir strongly believes in and strives towards giving people the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones. His philosophy is that anyone can be mentally and physically prepared to face any unexpected confrontation.

Companies, non-governmental organizations, groups and individuals often consult Shamir on how they can improve safety for themselves, their families and their staff. Backed by years of experience, Shamir advises companies on how criminals operate and help companies to develop crime prevention countermeasures.

Aside from spending his time researching crime at the grassroots, Shamir also dedicates his time to pursue academic excellence. Some of his academic achievements: PhD Criminology from University Malaya (UM) Masters of Criminal Justice (UM) Certified CPTED Practitioner (ICA & FAU), Professional Certificate in Data Science & Analytics (BAC), Certificate of Human Trafficking Prevention and Intervention (Anti Trafficking Bureau)

In recognition of Shamir’s unique expertise and contributions towards keeping society safe, renowned organizations such as PDRM, Customs, TUDM and Regulatory bodies have invited him numerous times to be honoured guest lecturers and speakers in key discourses.